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The Mission of ICRD

To prevent and resolve identity-based conflicts that exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy by incorporating religion as part of the solution.

Many ethnic, tribal and religious conflicts do not lend themselves to government-to-government intervention. To complement those efforts, ICRD employs its unique capabilities in the areas where it can have a value-added impact by:
1) decreasing religion’s role as a driver of conflict;
2) increasing the role of religious clergy and laity in peacemaking;
3) increasing the capacity of religious peacemakers;
4) increasing policy-makers’ awareness of and receptivity to the potential contributions of religious peacemakers.
Regardless of one’s spiritual persuasion, there are two compelling reasons why the Center’s work is important. First, the need for more effective preventive measures to minimize the occasions in which we are forced to send our sons and daughters in harm’s way. Second, the need for a stable global environment to support the kind of economic growth that can benefit an expanding percentage of the world’s population. By linking religious reconciliation with official or unofficial diplomacy, ICRD has created a new synergy for peacemaking that serves both of these needs.

New Developments

From Oxford to Washington - August Update

Check out our August update, which highlights two examples of ICRD’s growing reach. “Among the principal targets of the 1994 book Religion, the Missing Dimension of Statecraft (precursor to the creation of ICRD) were universities, colleges, and seminaries – out of a conviction that next-generation leaders would be the most able to run with new ideas. It would appear that strategy is working.”

Added Traction for Interfaith Action - July Update

Check out our latest monthly update which highlights a recent meeting in Doha, Qatar of Pakistani and American religious leaders. The organizers of the meeting expressed the need for “interfaith action” as the next step beyond interfaith dialogue.

Women as a Key to Peace - June Update

Our latest monthly update details our reintegration and reconciliation work in Colombia, provides a brief update on our work in Yemen, and discusses the highlights of our Faith-in-Action award dinner, which took place in May. To donate directly to our Colombia program, please click here!

New Blog Piece: Religion as a Narrative of Connection

Check out our latest blog post by intern Mostafa Foda, which explores the narrative of connection that has bonded people of different faiths for centuries, as well as how faith has historically been co-opted by power-hungry leaders as a justification for violence. The piece focuses on the Crusades and Just War Theory, while offering counterexamples of compassion and understanding across faiths.

New Blog Piece: Radicalization in Prisons

ICRD’s latest blog, authored by intern Ian Farkas, highlights the need for effective initiatives to curb radicalization among inmates in prisons around the globe. The piece spotlights successful programs in Denmark, Singapore, and Los Angeles, and discusses how certain aspects in these programs can be applied in broad contexts. Click here to read more!

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