Program Officer

Andrew McDonnell is a researcher and analyst, who specializes in religion, conflict dynamics and countering violent extremism. He has designed and conducted research initiatives focused on religion and religious communities for several nongovernmental organizations, including Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities, and the Cairo-based Arab West Report. His previous experience also includes coordinating Jewish-Christian youth programs at the Interfaith Families Project and facilitating prison-based education programs on religious studies.

In his capacity at ICRD, Andrew has overseen research efforts in Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, and Pakistan aimed at assessing good practices in countering violent extremism, and supported the implementation of various training programs for religious actors. He is a coauthor of Addressing Jihadi-Salafism in Yemen: The Role of Religion and Community in the Midst of Civil War; Countering Violent Religious Extremism in Pakistan: Strategies for Engaging Conservative Muslims, and A Fractured South: Addressing Separatism and Other Challenges Amidst Yemen’s Political Tumult. He holds a MALS in Religious Studies from Georgetown University.

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