August 8 2014 Monthly Update

ICRD Monthly Update  – August 8, 2014

Countering Violent Extremism

With violence running rampant around the globe, it is past time to address the problem head-on.

Toward this end, ICRD, in association with Layalina Productions, has produced a documentary that examines the approaches taken by three dissimilar communities to combat the violent extremism associated with (1) the madrasas (religious schools) in Pakistan, (2) the most recent civil war in Lebanon, and (3) gang warfare in Los Angeles.Click here to view the video, and please feel free to show it or any part of it (with appropriate attribution) to those you feel could benefit most from its insights.

Dinner Videos

For those of you who were unable to attend our annual Faith-in-Action Award dinner onMay 30, you can watch the award presentation here and our State of the Center reporthere. The former is particularly helpful in understanding the real story behind the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, and the latter will give you a current snapshot of our work in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and elsewhere.

Free Ways to Contribute

There are two ways you can help us fund our peacebuilding projects at no additional cost to you.

1) Click the below image to shop on Amazon as you normally would. It will not cost you any more, but Amazon will donate a small percentage of its profits to ICRD. (For future use, bookmark this page.)

2) Earn cash back at numerous other stores (such as eBay1-800-FLOWERS, and Walmart) by clicking on the image below to create a BigCrumbs Account. Click here to learn how it works. Following this link will earn ICRD a small percentage for referring you, but won’t affect how much you receive.



With best wishes,

Douglas Johnston

President, ICRD

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