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Join us in our commitment to bridge religion and diplomacy in order to prevent and resolve global conflicts. Donate Today.

“As a donor, I believe that our investments in the ICRD have
been among our highest leveraged opportunities.” – Jack Willome

With your help we can:

  • Work to create an environment where religion is a force for understanding, respect, and cooperation among people not a justification for conflict.
  • Highlight to policymakers and government and religious leaders that successful religious engagement offers great hope for real, lasting progress.
  • Reach communities that face the challenges of potential or actual conflict.

Need some ideas on how you can contribute to the Center’s peacemaking efforts?

  • INVOLVE YOUR COMMUNITY: Enlist the support of your local church, mosque, synagogue, or temple for our work to help make consideration of religion an integral part of formal diplomacy.
  • SHARE YOUR IDEAS: Help us in identifying possible partners and funding sources to support the Center’s work.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Host an ICRD reception for friends and acquaintances interested in our work.  We will provide the informative materials; you create an environment to share your passion with your friends.
  • GIVE WHILE YOU WORK: If you are a federal employee, click the logo below to find us through the Combined Federal Campaign under the Peace and Reconciliation Charities account.

If you would like to learn more about ICRD, please do not hesitate to contact us at 202-331-9404 or send us a question via our contact page.





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