For six years starting in 2001, ICRD worked with next-generation leaders on the Indian and Pakistani sides of the Line of Control (LOC) to promote “peace from within.”

Toward this end, the Center:

  1. through a series of faith-based reconciliation seminars, facilitated a reconciling spirit among young leaders in the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist regions of Kashmir (in order to break the cycle of revenge that typically accompanies identity-based conflicts),
  2. established a core group and supporting cell groups of leading professionals (lawyers, journalists, businessmen, college professors and other community leaders) on both sides of the LOC to provide indigenous leadership for further expansion of the reconciling spirit,
  3. conducted a bridge-building seminar in Kathmandu that brought together graduates of the above faith-based reconciliation seminars from both sides of the Line of Control to begin rebuilding a sense of community across the Line.  A joint statement resulted in which Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists pledged their support for the ongoing peace process between India and Pakistan and their common commitment to an inclusive vision for Kashmir based on forgiveness, reconciliation, and social justice for all.

As indicated above, the principal goal of this project was to develop a cooperative spirit between and among next-generation leaders from the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist regions of Kashmir.  As reflected in the Kathmandu Communique (see link), this has been accomplished.

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