People – Officers and Staff


James Patton
– Expert in conflict dynamics analysis and conflict mitigation programming

Brian Cox
Sr. Vice President
– Seasoned practitioner in international reconciliation

Abubaker al-Shingieti
Vice President for Preventive Engagement
– Foreign policy practitioner and authority on Islam

Douglas Johnston
President Emeritus
– Expert in national security and pioneer of faith-based diplomacy

Karen Roberts
– CPA experienced in profit and non-profit organizations.

The Honorable Richard Schubert
Strategic Counselor
– Former President, American Red Cross
– Former CEO, Bethlehem Steel


Rebecca Cataldi
Program Manager

Michael Braeuninger
Director of Development and Outreach

C. Eduardo Vargas
Senior Associate

Andrew McDonnell
Research Coordinator

Mohammed Al Samawi
Regional Project Coordinator for the MENA Region

Duke Burbridge
Research Associate

Kaisa Standish
Executive Assistant to the President




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