What Faith-based Diplomacy Can Offer in Kashmir

Article by Daniel Philpott and Brian Cox

As faith-based intermediaries in a land that The Economisthas called “the world’s most dangerous neighborhood,” we were not encouraged when, at the start of one of our seminars on reconciliation, a participant roles to launch a volley of invective against his rival ethnic community. ¬†Our enraged orator was a Hindu Pandit, a member of an ethnic group that fled theior hpmes fearing the attacks of Muslims shortly after violence broke out in the Kashmir Valley in 1989. They settled in squalid camps in Jammu, where Hindus are a majority. …


Published in Religious Contributions to Peacemaking: When Religion Brings Peace, Not War. (David R. Smock, ed., Peaceworks No. 55, United States Institute of Peace)

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