ICRD Monthly Update: September 5, 2017

This August, ICRD released a study on violent extremism in Yemen – Addressing Jihadi-Salafism in Yemen: The Role of Religion and Community in the Midst of Civil War. The report presents findings and analysis from direct engagement with conservative Sunni religious actors on strategies to arrest the influence of al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates in Yemen.

ICRD’s analysis draws on field research conducted with more than 210 local subjects in the capital, Sana’a, and several southern regions,including Hadramaut, the site of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s most recent caliphate. Based on this data, ICRD outlines guiding principles for empowering religious actors and other community leaders to lead a “whole-of-society” response to extremism. As part of this assessment, researchers sought to determine how conservative, non-violent religious actors in Yemen might be included more productively in countering violent extremism (CVE). Read more