ICRD aims to empower Yemeni citizens to resolve local conflicts and address critical needs in their communities, providing an alternative to militant groups. These efforts focus on training religious and community leaders in conflict resolution (CR) and countering violent extremism (CVE), and facilitating trainee-led community projects. The program provides Yemeni civil society actors with the opportunity to build skills in internationally-practiced CR and CVE methods, which they can then adapt and integrate with local methods as appropriate and according to local contexts.

The impact of this work has been far-reaching. Project activities and follow-on initiatives have engaged over 1400 Yemeni participants to date, in nine governorates and the capital of Sana’a. Trainees have used the skills that they gained to resolve local conflicts, train others in their communities, and initiate sustainable projects. Yemeni civil society organizations have been strengthened and empowered to sustain these efforts. They have created new training resources based on what they have learned, raised their own funds to continue the work, and built new relationships and credibility within their communities. Learn more