ICRD provides expert guidance and training to faith actors, and the civil society organizations that work with them, on how to more effectively identify and analyze the local causes of conflict and extremist violence. ICRD then works with these actors to integrate conflict resolution techniques from the international field of practice with traditional methods from their respective context.

The drivers of violent extremism and other conflicts are deeply dependent upon local conditions. ICRD utilizes a participant-driven approach that allows beneficiaries to adapt the training content according to their own cultural, historical, and spiritual frames of reference. In this way, ICRD builds on the existing capacity of religious actors to serve as peacebuilders in their community.

With support and mentorship from ICRD, these peacebuilders are mobilized in their respective communities to lead new grassroots initiatives and serve as agents of change. By empowering individuals and organizations that are committed to peace, ICRD leaves behind improved local capacity to respond to existing and unforeseen social conflicts.