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Yahya Alsudmi
Program Development and Accounts Manager

As the Program Development and Accounts Manager, Yahya Alsudmi supports all aspects of Yemen projects, including partner searchers and issues. Furthermore, he manages proposal writing, supports budgeting processes, and helps secure long-term funding.

Before joining ICRD, Yahya has gained more than thirteen years of experience in the international NGO sector and international development sectors. He bring a diverse experience in business and financial management, risk assessment, peacebuilding and development, community engagement, cross-cultural understanding, problem-solving, educational instruction, and human resources. With a proven track record in dealing with international donors like USAID, UNICEF, UNHCR, UK DFID, MIPE, UN OCHA, UN OFDA, and FFP.

Yahya is incredibly passionate about, particularly, development and peacebuilding. He founded the Rescue for Relief and Development Organization, which has helped provide Yemenis in need with hygiene kits, clean water, and more.