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Remembering Jim Stanley

ICRD mourns the loss of our extraordinary Vice Chairman of the Board, James “Jim” Stanley.

Jim was an unrelenting champion of ICRD’s work and our work and organization are immeasurably better because of him. Jim not only served on the Board for close to two decades, but was a constant source of guidance, reassurance, and friendship.

Jim embodied the best of the religious conviction that faith should help us solve shared problems. His years of service to ICRD were a passion for him and an expression of his deepest spiritual convictions. He was a truly selfless advocate for ending violence between people and elevating the best of our shared religious convictions to help do so.

Please join us in reflecting with gratitude on Jim’s memory, his wonderful personality, and his contributions to ICRD. For those who did not have the immense pleasure of meeting Jim, please look around at the exceptional staff and Board, the work that we do with beneficiaries around the world, and the hopeful presence of ICRD in a time of great strife, and recognize that Jim was one of the cornerstones of the organization’s foundation, upon which the rest of us find ourselves standing.

We will miss Jim enormously, and the powerful voice for faith in peace that he unwaveringly raised. Please keep his wife, Bonnie, and his family in your prayers and thoughts. Although our days will be slightly diminished without him, the heavens are a brighter place with his presence. Jim, thank you, for everything.

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