Bridge Religious Considerations with Global Peacebuilding Policy and Practice


A World in which Spiritual Values Advances Peace, Reconciliation, and Coexistence 

By building relationships of trust, ICRD steers religious convictions away from fomenting conflict and toward strengthening communities in their ability to resolve current and future challenges to peace. ICRD capitalizes on the following unique attributes of religious actors and institutions, which allow them to build trust and overcome differences:

  • Critical insights into community experiences and perspectives, thereby equipping them to negotiate relationships between individuals and institutions at all levels;
  • A perceived neutrality with respect to political, social, and economic agendas, thus enabling them to serve as trusted mediators;
  • The authority to interpret doctrinal values through which believers can be inspired to strengthen community by transcending ego, greed, envy, hatred and other motives that feed conflict;
  • An ability to strengthen the peacemaking capacity of policy­‐makers and analysts by demonstrating the value of applying religious principles to conflict mitigation.