ICRD Program Assistant:

The International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD) is seeking to hire a Program Assistant who will work with the entire ICRD team to provide support for specific ICRD projects and grant proposals, particularly in Yemen and elsewhere in the MENA and South Asia region – including but not limited to the following:

  • Assist in conducting conflict analysis, program design and broad strategic development;
  • Provide administrative and programming support including: communications, financial accounting, drafting of documents, and logistical support;
  • Translate between Arabic and English, both orally and in written documentation;
  • Help draft proposals and project and grant reports for donors;
  • Assist with the development of program resources, which may include: methodologies, conflict resolution tools, training materials or curricula, and monitoring and evaluation tools;
  • Conduct research to inform program development and implementation;
  • Potentially assist in field activities, as relevant, which may include: serving as a co-trainer, facilitator, or translator;
  • Maintain an ongoing list of partners and supporters, and communicate with them as needed;
  • Other tasks as designated by ICRD senior staff.

Required Skills

  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Fluency in Arabic, both written and spoken (native speaker preferred);
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken;
  • Meaningful experience in supporting project management, administration, and implementation;
  • Knowledge of Yemen, particularly with regard to conflict, violent extremism, political transition, and religion;
  • Some knowledge of concepts and practices of reducing and resolving identity conflict and countering violent extremism;
  • Commitment to religious pluralism and religious freedom;
  • Meticulous attention to detail;
  • Exceptional research, writing, and editing skills;
  • Willingness to be flexible and contribute beyond normal tasks and areas of expertise;
  • Ability to handle multiple competing deadlines, as well as adapt to differences in cultural and professional styles across country contexts;
  • Effective at working as part of a team in a diverse and fluid environment;
  • Self-starter with a demonstrated ability to identify and solve problems with minimal supervision;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, Religious Studies or related field with 2 years of relevant experience, or Master’s Degree in same.

Additional Skills

some or all of the following are preferred:

  • Strong understanding of Arab cultures, including the ability to cultivate and maintain relationships and carry out negotiations in Arab cultural contexts;
  • Understanding of Islam, including subtleties of sectarian identities and practices, and current social and political realities in Islamic contexts;
  • Country-specific knowledge related to some of the following: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia (additionally, Iran, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt are helpful);
  • Training and facilitation skills;
  • Experience in grants management, including working with USG grant mechanisms;
  • Experience in program design;
  • General understanding of core concepts, values, and communities of practice in other faith traditions;
  • Experience in designing financial management tools;
  • Experience in designing training curricula;
  • Fundraising experience – particularly with private donors;
  • IT skills, including innovative use of new technologies;
  • Familiarity with current USG policy priorities;
  • International field experience;
  • High degree of proficiency in Urdu language;
  • Proficiency in Spanish language.

Salary Range: $30,000 – $36,000 annually

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. To be considered for an Program Assistant position, please compile your cover letter, resume, writing samples, and references into a single Word or PDF document and send to Aeryka Fausett at aeryka@icrd.org. Please label the first attachment: “Last Name, First Name_Program Assistant Application”.

  1. Cover Letter – Include a brief overview of your qualifications for the position and why you are interested in working with ICRD.
  2. Résumé – Include your professional and educational experience and language skills (specify level of oral and written skills).
  3. Writing Sample – Please submit two 1-3 page writing samples of your choice (may be excerpts from longer essays), feel free to submit an Arabic translation as well.
  4. References – Please submit the name, phone number, and email of two-three references. At least one of these should be a professional references, the others can be professional or academic references.