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Ray Kim, Ph.D.
Program Development Consultant

Ray Kim received his Ph.D. from Georgetown University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies. He is a sociologist of religion specializing in contemporary Islam and Christianity who has years of experience conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Korea tracking developments in the halal market and the spread of Islamophobic discourse throughout the country.

His research interests have also led him to collaborate on projects concerning the religious soft-power influences of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey in Africa, the Balkans, and Central Asia, as well as the flight of non-Muslim minorities from the Levantine region. He has also conducted qualitative research observing and interviewing churches in the US that were exploring questions about “calling” and “vocation” as part of a program that was funded by the Lilly Endowment.

As the Program Development Consultant, Ray coordinates the development of proposals and the production of deliverables at their conclusion. Adept in various qualitative research methods and analysis, he applies these skills and the knowledge he gains from conducting fieldwork in the research leading up to a proposal’s design, ensuring that the program’s design is directly informed by the contexts in which they will be implemented.